Windermere Community Service Day – Friday June 21st, 2013

July 2nd, 2013

Every year, each Windermere branch closes for a day so that the agents and staff can participate in an organized community service activity. This year the Raleigh Hills office spent time landscaping at the Legacy Health Hopewell House Hospice. Brokers, staff and a special little supervisor got busy weeding, raking and planting.


*Maxwell Kellan – Gardening Supervisor*

The Hopewell House Hospice is set on peaceful and secluded grounds in Southwest Portland. Their goal is to provide compassionate, competent care to hospice patients that can no longer stay at home. The staff serves up to 11 patients at a time with round the clock care and each private room overlooks the lovely wooded grounds and gardens.

Hopefully the Raleigh Hills volunteer team helped make the view a little prettier for all of the patients, their families, and Hopewell House staff.

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