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June 11th, 2013

Question: What is THE most time-consuming and seriously annoying aspect of moving?

Answer: Telling everyone that you’ve moved!

No, I don’t mean announcing it to your Facebook friends or calling up Great Uncle Herbert to give him your new address, I mean everyone else. Your cable company, the USPS, your student loan servicer, your bank, etc…The last time I moved it took me approximately 4 hours to come up with a list of companies to notify, navigate each individual (and vastly different) website looking for the change of address button, realize that some companies only allow a change of address by mail, curse in frustration that in the midst of packing/moving I have to find the box with the printer in it, and then finally change every address…what a pain!

Now I consider myself a pretty organized and “on top of things” kind of gal, but let’s be honest when you’re mid-move and everything is in chaos, important things may fall through the cracks. If I’m being completely honest, those printed change of address forms didn’t get mailed right away…or maybe at all. About a month and a half after we moved I got a testy letter from one of those companies (one that requires a change of address by mail or in person) chiding me for failing to let them know of my recent move and threatening to cancel my account if I didn’t formally change my address in their system. Oops!

Through all of this I kept thinking how if I was a smart, tech-savvy person I would start my own website that helps people easily change their address without the hassle that I experienced…little did I know, that site already exists and it’s called Updater.(http://www.updater.com)

The premise is simple and free for the basic service: you provide Updater with your current contact info, your new contact info, and then select your accounts to be updated. They have a fairly large “network” of  banks, credit card companies, magazine publishers, the USPS, school alumni associations, etc…but if you can’t find your institution or company you can request it to be added to their network. You are also given the option to have Updater search their network for accounts with your name to make doubly sure you didn’t miss anything.

The final cool (and FREE) feature of Updater is the Moving Page with Google Maps. Your info is shown on an interactive map and then can be sent out to your entire social network or just the people you choose.

Updater also offers a Premium Moving Concierge service for a one-time price of $39 (pricing as of 6/11/13). In addition to assisting with all of the free services, the personal moving concierge will help you cancel and set up all of your utilities (which can be a nightmare on your own, trust me).

They have a 100% Happiness Guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the site, let them know!

Despite how awesome this all sounds, I do feel I need to offer a bit of a disclaimer…I have not personally used this website as I, sadly, did not know of its existence until after our most recent move, so therefore I cannot guarantee that all of the above information is accurate or that the site works as specified. However, I would definitely try it for my next move and I will also recommend it to everyone I know until I hear any negative feedback!



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