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Living Small

April 28th, 2014

These days everywhere you look someone is talking, blogging, writing & yelling about living small, right next to your neighbors. From the IKEA showroom boasting a fully furnished home in 500 sq.ft. to a recent New York Times article about a woman happily living in her friends’ backyard in a mere 84 sq.ft. (Here). But what does that really mean?

The big idea is that high density living = good: good for a vibrant urban community, good for promoting local small business, good for the environment, etc…Some places, like New York City for example, have been practicing pro-high density …

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Tastemaker – A New Approach to Custom Interior Design

December 18th, 2013

Tastemaker 1

In the traditional world of interior decorating, a client typically pays a professional designer on an hourly basis to consult, design, shop and stage their room or rooms or even a whole house. This is a fantastic system if the client has an unlimited budget…but I feel like most of us aren’t in that position. Especially after we’ve just spent large amounts of our cash resources purchasing the home of our dreams.

So what is a new homeowner with Pinterest boards full of amazing design ideas to do???

Enter …

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