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Tastemaker – A New Approach to Custom Interior Design

December 18th, 2013

Tastemaker 1

In the traditional world of interior decorating, a client typically pays a professional designer on an hourly basis to consult, design, shop and stage their room or rooms or even a whole house. This is a fantastic system if the client has an unlimited budget…but I feel like most of us aren’t in that position. Especially after we’ve just spent large amounts of our cash resources purchasing the home of our dreams.

So what is a new homeowner with Pinterest boards full of amazing design ideas to do???

Enter …

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Posted in Making Your House a Home, Thoughts | No Comments » – The easy way to tell the world you’ve moved

June 11th, 2013

Question: What is THE most time-consuming and seriously annoying aspect of moving?

Answer: Telling everyone that you’ve moved!

No, I don’t mean announcing it to your Facebook friends or calling up Great Uncle Herbert to give him your new address, I mean everyone else. Your cable company, the USPS, your student loan servicer, your bank, etc…The last time I moved it took me approximately 4 hours to come up with a list of companies to notify, navigate each individual (and vastly different) website looking for the change of address button, realize that some companies only allow a change of address by mail, …

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Nextdoor: Social Networking for Neighborhoods

May 21st, 2013

Imagine for a moment that you have just moved in to your dream house in your dream neighborhood. You’ve gotten through the packing, moving, unpacking process and you’re starting to settle in. Maybe you have said hello and shared a few pleasantries with your new neighbors but you haven’t really had time to “meet” them. Then one morning you look outside to see your black lab racing around the backyard with a collarless golden retriever puppy that definitely doesn’t belong there. You think maybe you’ve seen someone walking the dog on your street but can’t remember who or what house …

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